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Communities of Practice - Etienne Wenger 

Knowledge Management is one of the current buzzwords. How to do KM is a very different issue. KOI has been working on various techniques to facilitate the creation and sharing of knowledge. One  promising area is that of "Communities of Practice." Etienne Wenger has recently written about his experience working with these communities.
Wenger's basic view is that project teams produce products while communities of practice create and share knowledge. One of management's jobs is ,therefore, to help establish both teams and communities of practice and provide appropriate tools and the right cultural environment.


The Innovator's Dilemma - Clayton Christensen           

The Innovator's Dilemma is one of the most interesting books on organizational change in print today. A couple of years ago, Christensen and some colleagues at the Harvard Business School published an article on "disruptive technologies." It all began with Christensen's study of why companies in the 5 1/4" disk business didn't make it big time in the 3 1/2" market. Christensen's conclusion was not that these companies were poorly managed; in fact, most of these companies were considered very well managed. Their problem was that these new products didn't fit their model for financial growth, margins and perhaps most importantly, their existing customers didn't want them.

Christensen goes on to show in this book that they same problems  affect businesses in every walk of life, all the way from computers (DEC) to discount department stores (Sears). The book raises serious issues about structural barriers to change, especially in the age of the Internet.



Being Digital- Nicholas Negroponte

Nicholas Negroponte is the Founder and Director of MIT's MediaLab. An architect by training, Negroponte has been interested in the intersection between communications, computers and the media. This book puts forth Negroponte's basic thesis that the modern world is evolving from moving atoms (things) around to moving bits (electrons). This difference, Negroponte thinks, is what is behind the revolution in Information and Communication industries.

The New Organizational Wealth - Karl Erik Sveiby

Karl-Eric Sveiby is a Swedish businessman and consultant transplanted to Australia. One of the originators  of the Knowledge Management or Intellectual Capital Movement, Sveiby's book is perhaps the easiest of all the texts on Knowledge Management and Intellectual Capital. His most important line is, "Trust is the bandwidth of communication." No trust, no sharing; no sharing, no knowledge to manage.


Inside the Tornado - Geoffrey A. Moore

This is the second book in a series by Geoffrey Moore. The first book called Crossing the Chasm used Everett Roger's  "diffusion of innovations" model to explain how product markets evolve. In that book, Moore described what he considered a critical problem-- how to move from marketing to early adopters to marketing to the early majority.

In this book, Moore describes how markets develop within the early majority space. Here he once again coins new phrases to describe how successful product classes evolve, from "the bowling alley" to "the tornado" to "main street".


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