Communities  of  Practice 

The Ken Orr Institute has been working on various techniques to facilitate the creation and sharing of knowledge. One  promising method is that of "Communities of Practice." Etienne Wenger has recently written about his experience working with these communities.

Wenger's basic view is that project teams produce products while communities of practice create and share knowledge. One of management's jobs is, therefore, to help establish both teams and communities of practice and provide appropriate tools and the right cultural environment.

KOI has been recently creating Communities of Practice on the Web using eProject in the following areas:

o Knowledge Management
o Data Warehousing              
o Data Quality                            
o Next Generation Development Strategies
Corporate Portals                 

o eGovernment                         



The Communities of Practice are intended to provide a place for people to share information and ideas. These are public sites. Anything that you put up may be accessed and downloaded by anyone on the site.

The Communities of Practice will take place on You must sign up with   The Ken Orr Institute to take part.

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