Vicki Powell at Viking Travel   


Vicki is our personal travel agent. She works for Viking Travel in Tulsa. While we live 200 miles away in Kansas, we find that Vicki is absolutely the best travel agent we’ve ever met—we’d still do our travel business with Vicki if she relocated to the other side of the world. She’s always there and she remembers what you like and what you don’t.


Ron Francis at Firstar Bank

Bankers don’t get a lot of good press, but small businesses like ours live or die based on their relationship with their bankers. Ron Francis, with Mercantile Bank, has been our banker since 1980 and we’ve followed him through three different banks. He’s honest and thoughtful and what all the bank ads refer to when they talk about personal bankers. Unfortunately in this age of mega-banking, Ron is something of a dying breed.




Al Bustan Restaurant - New York City


A wonderful Lebanese restaurant on 3rd Ave (near 51st St). We’ve been there three times in the last couple of years and the food was wonderful. My wife Marlene’s family is Lebanese-American and she gave the restaurant the greatest compliment that she can give :“it tastes just like my mother’s.” (By the way, Marlene’s mother was a great cook.)



Lala Rokh Restaurant - Boston


Lala Rokh is a Persian restaurant on Mt. Vernon Street in the Beacon Hill District. Persian food is somewhere between Lebanese food and the food of India. Needless to say, the food at Lala Rokh is wonderful. We were so impressed on our last trip to Boston we went two nights in a row. The second night we canceled reservations at a four-star restaurant just to go back.



Hang Ah Restaurant - San Francisco


Like most really good Chinese restaurants, this one is hard to find. Lucky for me, I stumbled into the Hang Ah by accident 15 years ago. It’s located just down the hill (on Sacramento) from the corner of Sacramento and Stockton. It’s back up its own little alley above a playground. It is the oldest Dim Sum restaurant in San Francisco and one of the best Chinese restaurants in a city that’s full of great Chinese food. Owned by a very nice fellow by the name of Jack Chin, we’ve been going there for over 15 years and have never had a bad meal.




Circa Organizing System - From Levenger

Most really good ideas are simple ones. Circa  is a super idea that Levenger has done a slick job of packaging. It is based on a simple set of plastic disks and an approach for punching paper so that the disks create notebooks. It really works. You can make little notebooks or big ones and take one note page from a small one to a big one. We’re always looking for better ways to organize information —this one is really slick.



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