Knowledge Management & Data Warehousing

Knowledge is information in action. Increasingly organizations are focusing on the importance of Knowledge Management in the age of the Internet. Currently managers and knowledge workers spend only about 5-10% of their time managing data, while the 80-90% is spent managing all other kinds of information ( knowledge) that is not easily defined, captured, stored, and shared.

The Knowledge Management seminar focuses on how people actually find and use information to learn and make decisions. This seminar will focus on the emergence of Knowledge Management as a new field and what that means for Data Warehousing. The seminar will provide students with an understanding of what organizations around the world are doing to build "knowledge bases" and "knowledge environments" and what they are learning from their experiences.

The seminar will also address how Knowledge Management can be combined with Data Warehousing to enhance both areas. Ken Orr will use his Enterprise Data Architecture as a jumping off point for the development of a Knowledge Management Architecture and will discuss how to integrate the two.

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This course is intended to provide the students with an understanding of what Knowledge Management (KM) is and how it fits in with Data Warehousing (DW). Because KM is so new and so controversial, the seminar provides a solid base for organizations moving into the 21st Century with Knowledge program.

This course provides a look at different organizational and individual styles and shows how these styles affect the kind of KM environment that they want to employ. It builds on Svieby’s notion that “trust is the bandwidth of communication.”

His seminar describes what organizations are doing to develop KM programs and what the pitfalls and opportunities are for organizations in using Internet-based collaborative strategies for capturing, cataloging, storing, retrieving, and communicating critical enterprise knowledge.

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