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Systems Development Methodologies

Methodologies are not bad things. In fact, there is a worldwide resurgence of interest in software engineering and software engineering methodologies. The Ken Orr Institute  has been in the forefront of systems development research since the 1970s. Ken Orr and Dave Higgins were principal developers of the Data Structured Systems Development (Warnier/Orr) Methodology. Over the last decade, the Warnier/Orr Methodology has been refined, improved and automated in some major ways. Today, it is a streamlined methodology that combines the best in requirements and database engineering along with the best in automatic design and prototyping.

The key to developing and using systems development methodologies is to keep track of technological trends and changes. For the last decade, KOI has been actively involved in working with organizations doing data warehousing and advanced decision support systems. For the last half-dozen years, KOI has also pioneered new ways to integrate business process reengineering with workflow management tools. All this work has been focused on making state-of-the-art systems in record time and putting them on the Internet. The last step is then integrating these ideas into methodologies, tools, and training.

In most places, software engineering is more of an organizational or job description than a scientific discipline. To make software engineering real, KOI continues to believe that education and on-the-job consultation is the best way to communicate real engineering disciplines. At nearly every conference that Ken Orr or Dave Higgins attends, someone will come and tell them just how much the Warnier/Orr methodology and training has affected their careers. We think that systems development methodologies will be much more important in the 21st Century than they were in the latter part of the 20th. As a result, KOI continues to provide serious software engineering training and consulting to help large organizations avoid multimillion dollar systems failures.

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