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Brackets is a Computer Aided Software Engineering tool that covers the entire system life cycle - analysis, design, and programming- as well as management, planning, and writing.

In design and programming alone, Brackets increases productivity by up to 50%.

What is Brackets?

You can think of Brackets as a spreadsheet for ideas and programs.

Brackets offers:

  •  A powerful, natural diagram editor

  • Complete outlining and structuring abilities 

  • Full-screen text editing

  • Search and replace functions

  • Attractive printed output with automatic or manual pagination

  • Ability to split, combine, and file diagrams

  • Diagrams of almost any size, not even limited by your computer's memory


Where can I use Brackets?

Here are some of the places you will find Brackets diagrams useful:

  • Systems analysis: Show the flow of functions; show the steps or rules needed to carry out a task; record progress during JAD sessions.

  • Design: Show program structure and online dialogue structure.

  • Programming: Specify your program down to the detailed  level, then have Brackets generate compilable code. Brackets gives special help with Cobol and C. It is also a powerful structured programming editor for any language, including Pascal and dBase.

  • Documentation: Clearly show the outline and details of both code and user procedures.

  • Management: Track and relate issues and tasks.

  • Writing: Organize, structure, and detail your thoughts.

With Brackets you can create Warnier/Orr diagrams with ease, and change them just as easily - as many times as you like . 


What is Brackets like?

  • Easy to learn: Many people use it productively in an hour or two and are comfortable with the details within a day.

  • Enjoyable: Users tell us that Brackets is not only easy and natural, it's actually fun to work with.

  • Productive: Some organizations report up to 50% gains in productivity during program design and coding.


For more information or to order Brackets

contact us at 785.228.2800

or send an email to Pat Brown

with "Brackets" in the subject line.


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