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 Knowledge Networking

Knowledge is the most valuable thing in the world. The Ken Orr Institute is a leader in Knowledge Management in Information Technology. We are devoted to aiding organizations make better use of technology, especially information and communications technology. KOI helps its clients by providing training, consulting, research, and on-going support in a variety of areas associated with improving business performance.

Our focus is in Technology Planning and Architecture, and Systems Requirements and Database Design.

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Expert-based Consulting

The Ken Orr Institute also specializes in bringing together leading experts in such fields as business analysis, value analysis, systems development, communications and organizational development to solve client problems. This approach makes it possible for us to tailor individual assignments to fit each unique customer’s needs.

We analyze how each organization’s business process actually works. Then we help managers and workers explore creative new ways to restructure their business.

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Real-world Change Management

The rapid rate of change occurring in enterprises throughout the world makes  it extremely difficult to keep up with the outpouring of technology. There is much more technology than anyone or any organization can use. KOI specializes in real-world change management, aimed not at “best practice,” but at the “next practice,” the ability to utilize the next set of critical technologies.

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