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  Knowledge Management

The Ken Orr Institute has been working on Knowledge Management (KM) for the last decade. Recently, Knowledge Management has caught the attention of organizations around the world. Is KM the next big thing or is it an oxymoron? To find out, catch Kenís tutorials on Knowledge Management and Data Warehousing at DCI conferences in Chicago, New York and Boston (see Seminars and Conferences ).

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 Data Warehousing and Online Enterprise Reporting (OLER)

Ken Orr has just made a number of significant changes to the KOI Data Warehousing Design Methodology. This methodology takes advantage of Ken Orrís Enterprise Data Architecture and Detail Data Warehousing Design strategies. Because some people find it difficult to deal with detail (atomic data warehouses), Ken has coined a new acronym, Online Enterprise Reporting (OLER). Check this out on our Data Warehousing page. Also check out Kenís tutorial on Data Warehousing Technology at DCI conferences in Chicago, New York, and Boston (see Seminars and Conferences).

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Recent Articles and Publications 

   Check out recent articles, research reports and white papers by Ken Orr 

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Communities of Practice   

Knowledge Management may be one of the current buzzwords, but how to do KM is a very different issue. KOI has been working on various techniques to facilitate the creation and sharing of knowledge. One promising areas is that of "Communities of Practice." Etienne Wenger has written recently  about his experience working with these communities.
His basic view is that project teams produce products while communities of practice create and share knowledge. One of management's jobs, therefore, is to help establish both teams and communities of practice and provide appropriate tools and the right cultural environment. (See Communities of Practice)




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