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The Ken Orr Institute Announces New "Open" Enterprise Architecture Methodology

Topeka, Kansas USA -- August 31, 2004

BEAM©  (business ENTERPRISE ARCHITECTURE MODELING) an "open" EA method developed jointly with client will be available in 4Q04

The Ken Orr Institute (KOI) announced today a new, open state-of-the-practice Enterprise Architecture approach that allows organizations to develop a complete Enterprise Architecture top-down using a combination of new and standard modeling techniques combined with the Proforma ProVision tool suite. "Large organizations everywhere are moving into Enterprise Architecture.
Many, if not most, of these implementations are technology driven, complex and difficult to value. BEAM is based on the work that KOI has done with clients around the world." Ken Orr commented. "For the first time we find organizations being able to get a handle on the IT Asset Base and to relate with users and top management."

The BEAM approach and toolset will be available from KOI to interested parties in the 4th Quarter 2004


The Ken Orr Institute “Agile Requirements” Strategy


Next Practice technology provides “Concept to Code” based on the integrating Fast Track Requirements, Advanced Tools and Web-based Collaboration

The Ken Orr Institute (KOI), also supports a state-of-the-art “Agile Requirements” (business modeling/prototyping) approach called Next Practice (NP). NP is made up of the major components: (1) the Next Practice/Methodology NP/M, (2) Next Practice/Development Environment (NP/DE) and (3) Next Practice Consulting (NP/C). Working with a set of world class business partners, KOI has put together this new approach, leveraging off the many of the developments from the eXtreme Programming (XP) and “agile development” world.

Using a “systems visualization” strategy, NP/M focuses on bringing the advantages of heavy user involvement together with the use of advanced tools. This makes possible the development of graphical business process and workflow models along with working prototypes for complex applications. NP/DE integrates a set of proven tools for: business modeling (ProVision from Proforma), automatic database design, code generation and prototyping (GeneXus from ARTech Ltd.), as well as a web-based collaboration framework (eProject from eProject).

“We’ve been working on NP for some time now,” said Ken Orr, Chief Scientist at KOI and a recognized researcher on systems and software engineering. “and we’ve been able to develop a methodology and tool set that makes it possible to visualize systems requirements the same way that architects and engineers can visualize buildings and products using CAD/CAM tools.”

NP is an integrated approach based on “time-boxed management” that targets 6 to 12 week intensive requirements projects that produces: (1) high quality business context and workflow diagrams, (2) database designs and (3) working prototypes. NP/DE can develop prototypes for a wide range of databases (Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, Informix, Access, etc.) and languages (Java, C#, VB, C/SQL, COBOL and RPG).

“Today, large architects and engineers can design, model and prototype their products before they are ever built, NP allows software users and developers to do the same thing. This systems visualization takes most of the risk out of complex projects. The more you can make it real for both the users and developers, the fewer screw-ups and misunderstandings you have,” continued Orr.

In addition to ProVision and GeneXus, NP also leverages eProject’s web-based collaboration tool. “There is lots of communication that goes on in an NP project that needs to be available to everyone on the project. eProject provides a framework for collaboration that can be brought up in a very short time.”

NP will be marketed jointly by KOI, ProForma and GeneXus USA.

You can read more about Next Practice and Agile Requirements at our new website 




Paige Orr 

The Ken Orr Institute



Dane Drotts
GeneXus USA

Linda Pellegrino
Proforma Corp.

Christian Smith


The Ken Orr Institute

The Ken Orr Institute is one of the leading systems/software research organizations in the world. Founded by Ken Orr in 1988, KOI has continued the work on “business focused” Warnier-Orr software methodologies and tools begun at Ken Orr & Associates. Over the past decade, KOI has focused on bringing the latest in business thinking (business process analysis, data warehousing, workflow management and knowledge management) into systems mainstream. KOI provides consulting in a number of areas: IT strategic planning, requirements engineering, data warehousing, knowledge management, and  the semantic web. 


ProForma Corporation

Proforma provides business-modeling software, consulting and training services that help organizations visualize, analyze and implement business processes.  This improves performance through the design of more competitive, efficient and cost-effective processes.  Stored within the ProVision Workbench™ software suite, the resulting business and process models become an organization’s documented best practices and provide the knowledge base for process improvement and management, ISO9000 and quality initiatives.  Proforma’s solutions guide companies through significant events such as the transition to e-business, mergers and acquisitions, globalization and new product development.  Founded in 1994, Proforma counts many of the Fortune 500 companies among its customers, including General Motors, American Express, Kmart, EDS, Andersen and J.D. Edwards.  For more information, go to www.proformacorp.com.


GeneXus USA


GeneXus, USA which was founded in 1991 is a software business organization based in Chicago.  It is one of the four branches of ARTech LTD the other three are in Montevideo-Uruguay, Mexico City-Mexico, and Sao Paulo-Brazil. GeneXus is a renowned market leader with more than 4,500 customers worldwide, in 30 countries. It offers state-of-the-art technology in the areas of database projects, applications development and maintenance and, particularly, knowledge bases automatic management. This is the result of research activities carried out since 1984 from our parent company ARTech.



ARTech has developed important and original research activities in the area of relational databases, applications development, CASE (Computer Aided Software Engineering) and artificial intelligence. These studies have required many man-years of dedication, which have produced an important and exclusive technology. This technology offers a competitive advantage, which ARTech applies for the development of its product: GeneXus.  It counts for many fortune 500 companies, like Pepsico, McDonalds, Honda, ADM Investors, Amerigroup and Nestle.



Founded July 1997 in Seattle, Washington, eProject, Inc. is a global provider of project management and collaboration solutions. eProject's solutions help companies better plan, manage and collaborate on projects of all types and sizes. With centralized project planning and communication in a well-secured, web-based solution, project teams can access, update and share critical information 24/7 from any Internet connection worldwide via Web browser, as well as Palm™ handhelds, BlackBerry™ and RIM Wireless Handhelds™, and WAP-enabled wireless phones. Its products - eProject Express™ and eProject Enterprise™ - are used by more than 100,000 people and 200 organizations in 50+ countries worldwide, including numerous Global 2000 companies. eProject's customers include, Arthur Andersen, Agile Software, BP Amoco, Hewlett-Packard, Honeywell, Immedient, Jim Beam Worldwide, NASD/AMEX, Proctor and Gamble, etc. For more information, visit the Company's website at http://www.eproject.com.



To learn more visit our Next Practice Website




Ken Orr is now an expert consultant with The Cutter Technology Council. The Council was established by The Cutter Consortium to help spot emerging trends in IT, digital technology, and in the marketplace. Its members are IT specialists whose ideas have become important building blocks of today's wide-band, digitally connected, global economy.

To learn more, visit the

  Cutter Consortium website.




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